Supply Chain Management Solution

Supplier Audit Services

Supplier Audit Services

1.Supplier Qualification Audit

A Supplier Qualification Audit is an essential step in securing your supply chain when selecting new potential suppliers in China. Also referred as a basic supplier assessment, or supplier evaluation audit, this service guarantees you start manufacturing your goods at a legitimate supplier who can meet your requirements.

2.An Extensive Factory Audit

An Extensive Factory Audit is part of an effective quality assurance program to minimize risks and improve supply chain performance. Also referred to as a Manufacturing Audit, factory audit or supplier technical audit, an extensive factory audit is frequently used to evaluate potential new suppliers in China and monitor regular suppliers. It vets your vendor’s capability to fulfill your orders in the desired quantity, meet your quality objectives, and comply with timeframes.

3.Social Audit

Social Audit is essential to demonstrate you are socially responsible. Also referred to as Corporate Social Audit (CSA), Social Compliance Audit, or Ethical Audit, a social audit helps you manage your vendor’s commitment to a safe and ethical workplace at their factory in China.

4.Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits are crucial to the development of a sustainable procurement approach for your imported products from China. Consumers are increasingly concerned that the products they buy are environmentally friendly. An environmental audit assesses the commitment of vendors to environmentally responsible practices and ensures your suppliers are compliant with international environmental laws and standards.